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Our Mission

  • Vision Statement

    Crowdy Agritech’s vision is to improve and increase the productivity of the agricultural sector in Kenya and internationally by being the most sought-after crowd funding platform offering a peer to peer model for farmers to improve their farm projects as well as sustainability, improving the farmers welfare. Crowdy Agritech is envisioning to position itself as world class company building both farmers and investors and individuals sponsoring farms.

  • Core Values

    Satisfying Services- We ensure we serve our customers with the best service providing them comfort and assuring them of their well being when working with us at Crowdy Agritech

    Environment Protection- Crowdy Agritech will promote the use of organic farming methods to ensure the environment is well protected protecting the community at large.

    Safe Food- Crowdy Agritech is steering the wheel for clean and safe food by use of healthy and nutritional crop production methods by the farmers.

    Growth- To provide financial growth to farmers as well as investors or individual sponsors.

  • Mission Statement

    Crowdy Agritech’s mission is to provide small holder farmers with a platform to aid in getting sufficient finances for their farm projects through our crowd funding platform using our peer to peer model by embracing technology. Crowdy Agritech will enable farmers to improve the profitability of the farm projects while increasing farmers knowledge on farming and equipping them with the right resources. “Sponsor A Farm Feed A Nation.”

  • Mission Goals

    We will leverage on technology by use of our crowd funding platform to enable implement our peer to peer financing model.

    We will link farmers with inputs, expert advice and markets to increase their productivity and revenue.

    We will provide sufficient financial access through crowd funding to the farmer to enable continued production and contribute to the well-being of the community.

    We will use of modern technology, knowledge and skills in ways that suit local conditions and capacity.

    We will produce sufficient high-quality and safe food to ensure a sustainable future healthy generation.


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