While 55 percent of Africa’s population is engaged in agricultural livelihoods, only approximately 1 percent of bank lending across the continent goes to the agricultural sector. In sub-Saharan Africa, 38 percent of adults living in cities report having a formal bank account, compared with only 21 percent of adults living in rural areas. Smallholder farmers represent two tremendous opportunities: a market opportunity for any financial institution looking to grow their client base, and an impact opportunity for all financial institutions that have a social mission. The total amount of debt financing available to smallholder farmers in the developing world is approximately $9bn. This amount meets less than 3 percent of the estimated total smallholder financing demand, which is calculated to be $450bn globally. It is, for this reason, we are providing a platform for smallholder farmers to be able to get finances for their projects through peer to peer lending. we have an android app and a web-based application in place. At the moment we are looking for partners to enable us to launch our product in Kenya and beyond.we will be glad to work with any like-minded people in this area and get your response on the same.

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