Small holder farmers are the most important people in the agricultural sector, having most of the food produced coming from them. However, the greatest challenge for small holder farmers is getting access to funds for their projects therefore, ending up producing less output than they would wish for, reducing their growth capability.

Crowdy Agritech, is helping small holder farmers gain access to funds for their projects and providing them with farm resources and inputs to grow their farms and their produce. This is done using our peer to peer model through our crowd funding platform.

benefits to small holder farmers

We provide small holder farmers with benefits from our peer to peer model. These benefits are:

Approval of their projects- Farmers gain more trust of their projects when several investors and individual sponsors raise funds towards their projects. This increases the confidence of the farmers and gain more trust and validity in their projects as they have support from other people. This steers them to come up with more projects which in the long run end up benefiting the country’s agricultural sector.

Raise funds quickly- Crowd funding offers a platform for multiple people to raise and contribute funds at the same time, therefore enabling farmers to raise funds for their projects much faster and quickly due to multiple people contributing at the same time. On our crowd funding platform, once the farmer’s project has been approved and ready for contribution, we enable the farmer get access to the investor’s contribution directly via our peer to peer model.

Marketing of their projects- Farmers are able to cut down costs on marketing their projects, as they get to have their projects advertised to our audience. This enables their projects to have a wider reach of people at a reduced price, enabling the farmer to only work on their farms, increasing their outputs.

No documentation required- Unlike banking systems where documentation is required and security for the loans taken, our crowdfunding platform, does not require too much documentation as they are able to raise funds where we link them directly to the investors and individual sponsors and have their farms insured incase of any natural calamity.

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