Have you heard of Crowdy Agritech and you wonder whether it is for you? Crowdy Agritech is an Agritech startup based in Kenya and is here to benefit everyone to ensure we build the economy of Kenya together as a team as you partner with us.

Crowdy Agritech is bringing financial access to the agricultural sector. Improving financial access will enable the country to deal with food security, food scandals as well as improving the livelihoods of farmers ensuring they get to reap from their efforts. This is backed by the fact that agriculture makes up about two-thirds of the work force.

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Your question then is who is Crowdy Agritech particularly for?

Small holder farmers

Small holder farmers have the capability and potential of improving the country’s economy if provided with the opportunity, chance and resources they require to improve their farm produce.

Crowdy Agritech is providing small holder farmers with finances for their farm projects through our crowd funding platform using our peer to peer model, enabling them raise their funds much easily and quickly and to also gain validation of their farm projects. Aside from providing you as a small holder farmer with financing, Crowdy Agritech is benefiting small holder farmers by providing them with farm inputs and supply for their farms ensuring farmers get to use resources that produce ecological farming ensuring also the safety of their soils. We are also providing small holder farmers with training on how to manage their finances and utilizing them wisely to grow their produce and their farm projects as well as how to improve their livelihoods.

Crowdy Agritech is also providing small holder farmers with a market solution for their produce. Previously, farmers have had a challenge of getting their produce to the market and ended up selling their produce at the lowest price in the market ending up gaining loses instead of profits from their efforts.

                                  Individuals and Sponsors

Many individuals have had the urge and zeal to get a share of the agricultural sector, however, end up not getting to achieve that desire due to their want to also retain their office jobs. This challenge ends up being a puzzle for them to unravel. This does not have to be the case anymore.

Individuals can now gain access to a part of the agricultural sector. We are providing them with that opportunity by enabling them to sponsor different farm projects enlisted by small holder farmers. They can sponsor the different projects through our crowd funding platform using our peer to peer model and at the end of the farming season, individuals end up gaining a return on investment from their inputs towards the farm projects. By using Crowdy Agritech, individuals can now retain their day job as they get returns from their investments on the different farm projects.

You no longer have to worry if Crowdy Agritech is for you or whether it is in line with your career you can still be part of the new revolution within the agricultural sector. Are you interested in being part of the Crowdy Agritech family as a farmer or individual or an investor? You can reach us via our social media platforms to partner with us or via our website.

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