The world is moving at a pace that has never been seen before. With an increase in the number of opportunities brought about by technology, we wake up each new day to the introduction of a new technology. However, the question that many are left with is how will this or that particular technology benefits me or different nations?

Technology has been adapted in many industries and its benefits are visible. In the Agricultural sector, technology has been brought and it has improved the lives of farmers through various innovations like introduction of mobile apps to enable them get access to the market much faster. However, those benefiting from the involvement of technology within the agricultural sector are corporate farmers. Small holder farmers are yet to begin reaping the fruits of technology introduction in the agricultural sector.

leveraging on technology

Recently, small holder farmers have been on the lime light as being the hope and future of agriculture in many nations. It has been noted that, small holder farmers have the capacity of eradicating poverty if they are given the resources, they need to enhance their livelihoods. According to the Agricultural Policy Review (2017), the APR points out that the key to better performance in agriculture is rapid increases in small-holder productivity. As productivity increases, commodity production, processing and trade also increases giving rise to agro-entrepreneurs comprising of enterprise groups, small and medium enterprises, micro enterprises and individuals. For this reason, Crowdy Agritech saw a huge gap that has been neglected among the small holder farmers and it brought about the introduction of Crowdy Agritech’s.

Crowdy Agritech’s platform comprises of a website and a mobile app. The platform is where small holder farmers get a direct link to investors and sponsors who are willing to contribute to their farm projects. This enables them raise the funds they require for their farms. The platform also ensures that investors or sponsors also get to win from their inputs in the farm, by providing them a return on investment at a percentage rate which they can calculate on the platform. This ensures that also the contributors get to earn income from their invested money.

Crowdy Agritech takes care of any unexpected calamities such as natural disasters like flooding, earthquakes that may affect the farm produce. Crowdy Agritech is able to take care of the calamities by putting in place an insurance cover for all farms that are on the platform, ensuring both the small holder farmers and the sponsors/investors do not suffer any loss.

The main aim for the introduction of Crowdy Agritech is to provide small holder farmers the opportunity to get resources for their farm produce, get training on different farm processes by linking farmers with inputs and expert advice that will enable them boost their farm outputs, provide sufficient financial access through our platforms and provide capacity building for farmers and develop bankable business proposals.

We are currently taking up applications from farmers, investors and agriconsultants who would want to be part of Crowdy Agritech. All those interested can sign up from here and we will get in touch with you as soon as we receive your application.

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