Crowdy Agritech reward-based crowdfunding project.

Crowdy Agritech is a tech startup company which is supporting smallholder farmer through crowdfunding.we are looking for interested partners who can support our chosen farming projects for as little as USD 25 per a single farming unit. You can purchase as many units as possible.

We use a Peer to Peer model where we will oversight the funds through our platform and provide technical support to farmers. In return, you will receive your sponsorship back with some profits after we sell the produce to our contracted buyers, or you can decide we reward you with the product and we can deliver the same to your preferred location.

Our role also will be to make sure you follow up with the chosen farming project through regular updates on our Android application/web app updates section. Farm visits will be organized for any contributor who wants to visit the farm through our android application.

Currently, we have a soybeans farming project for a farmer in Embu which we are receiving contributions from interested investors.

We already have identified a buyer and we have the purchasing contract in place. Our aim is to plant and utilize the land which the farmer is providing. By supporting this project you will enable Crowdy Agritech ltd to realize its Goals, Which is to support the farmer who does not have the resources one among them finances among others. And also you will generate some profits from your contribution.

Again our rules of engagement are very simple. You will receive a contract directly to your email whenever to sponsor any farm unit indicating how much you will get after the farming period and when you will receive it. The amount will be sent directly through the same channel you used to pay for the farm units. If you change that channel you will need to notify us so we are aware of the changes and amend our side also.

Our process is paperless and you do not need to make many calls or visits to our office for an agreement to be made against the sponsorship made neither do you need to be in Kenya for you to sponsor a farming project. Anyone in any part of the world can participate in our farming projects. All you need is download our android application or through the web application then register your account. You will be required to confirm your email and mobile number afterward. After that select the farm shop you would want to sponsor, pick the number of units and you go directly and pay for it in the cart section.

You can also invite a friend via our referral section on our application and ones they invest you are part of that farming project and will be notified how much you will receive after the end of the specific project.

Our project is available  here

You can sign up for an account here Our telephone number is +254 728829443

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