Crowdy Agritech is a platform that provides a space for smallholder farmers to get partners whom they can partner with and get financing for farming projects and developments basically the short term periods
Our platforms are a web application and an android application (Crowdy Agritech) which uses a peer to peer lending model. In this case, when you invest in the project you are entering into a contract with the farmer which you will receive a contract directly to your email explaining the returns you expect plus other terms of engagement.
 Crowdy Agritech provides a managerial role to ensure that whatever was uploaded in the farming proposal is followed to the later. By providing a cash management platform on how the farmer is using the money and they can only access the same after the items for use have been verified thus we avoid misuse of contributors funds.
 The farmer has to be assisted to come up with a bankable and realistic proposal by the crowdy Agritech team. This involves even appointing appropriate consultants for the farmer to assist in the project and also market identification of the produce.
 Unlike the other peer to peer lending platforms, our program will minimize the misuse of cash via several channels setup.
 Currently, we have a farming project at Matu town for Vicon farm who is doing Rabbit Farming. The farmer is seeking to raise Ksh 900,000/. The farming project is already live on our platform both android and web application.
 If you are interested to invest you can visit the link here.
 We will be able to organize a farm visit for interested partners and even explain more about the kind of arrangement and how you will benefit from the project.
 The peer to peer arrangement is similar to a joint venture model where Vicon firm is providing the land plus other services while the partners provide the funds. With our kind of arrangement, this is like any partnership projects you do with other friends and you are entitled to farm visits and you will be receiving weekly updates on whatever is going on in the project on the project through our android and web app.
 You can start by partnering with any amount from a minimum of Khs 1500/. Our transactions are paperless and automated as you will receive contracts and confirmation direct to your email.
 We are open to receiving your views on how you would want to work with us call or text +254755192657


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