Make your money work – invest in P2P/Crowdfunding


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Every day, millions of people think about how to generate an extra income passively and without excessive risks. There are tens of different investment options available out there. However, many investors have already tried a bunch of them and still didn’t find the one that suits their financial goals. Bonds and bank deposits usually don’t provide high-interest rates. Investing in stocks, foreign exchange or cryptocurrency might be subject to high risks because of market volatility.

Today’s trend is the growing industry of investments called peer-to-peer lending or, to keep it short, P2P investments.

Make your money work – invest in P2P

What is peer-to-peer lending?

Simply put, individuals that are looking for additional funding from interested partners this can be facilitated by or through platforms such as Crowdy Agritech. Typically, you get paid back by the borrower after some months this is after the farming project you invested in reaches its maturity date ones the project is completed and produce is sold, you receive your principal investment back plus agreed profits.

P2P investment platforms, like Crowdy Agritech, are an intermediary, that allow investors to browse the available funding projects to put their money into. Crowdy Agritech is one of the most convenient and easiest platforms to use out there.

Why choose peer-to-peer investing?


Investing in farming projects offers you a very high passive income. Crowdy Agritech farming project partners, for instance, are awarded a 10-30% margins.


The golden rule of investing is putting your money in different assets, in order to spread the risks. With P2P investment platforms like Crowdy Agritech, you can choose the different farming projects deals, what end products they are producing and market trends and to what percentage rate they offer.


When you invest in projects, some platforms like Crowdy Agritech organize an insurance cover for all its farming projects. This means that in case a project you invested in has experienced unenforceable natural disasters or calamities, the insurance company will compensate the investors.


If you share your experience with your friends or family and they start investing as well, some platforms may offer you extra income. Crowdy Agritech, in this case, will pay you a certain percentage of total investments made by the client you attracted under a referral program in place.

P2P lending is a form of passive investment. After your investment is made, you can relax and enjoy the profit.

With Crowdy Agritech, you can try out how P2P/Crowdfunding investing works, with as little as USD 15

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