We welcome all the new members who have joined Crowdy Group Farm recently and we also appreciate all those who have given the sponsorship to our ongoing fundraiser.

There is so much information about our organization both on the two applications that we have i.e the web application and the android application. Our encouragement to our partners is to go through this whenever they find time especially on our blog page which you can find the link on our website.

Regarding registration, anyone who wants to register as a farmer should use our web application (website, to signup but can still afterward login to the account on the android application. We made it that way because the farmer account has many functionalities like cash requests, submitting of farming projects, etc.

For those who have created an account using the android application, it means you created a partner account and this can not allow you to submit a project. You can contact our support team on +254728829443 or they will advise how your account will be changed to a farmers’ account.

Besides, that partners can invite other farmers and friends to be part of the process under our reward-based referral process. On your account, after you log in, you can go to the invite friends icon and it will generate for you a special code that you can share with friends on any social media platform and even SMS. The friend will be linked to you as the one who introduced him or her and when the person invests or has a submitted funding project which is successful Crowdy Group farm will automatically reward you with farming units towards that farming project and this will reflect in your account.

We encourage existing members to invite many friends as its some easy tusk but you can benefit from the same as well as assist that farmer or partner.

Also, we have some new regulations which only allow our 2factor verification code to only be delivered between 8 am to 6 pm this is only for Safaricom numbers. This means if you forgot your password/want to reset or even opening a new account and you are using a Safaricom line you can only do that within that time. However, the issue is being worked on and will be sorted with the regulator.

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